Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Love is all you need

Have you ever noticed that almost every song there is has a love theme? This past week I noticed. Sometimes it can make you want to float in the air, or drown in the water.
Love is such a big deal. It's what makes life worth living. Many look for it their whole life. Hollywood really plays with our mind considering love. It seems so easy and no work is required. However there are so many facets to love. Love takes patience and putting others before yourself. It is more then just a feeling it takes hard work. True love takes a lifetime to master. Selfish people have a hard time ever really experiencing true love.
New love is wonderful but can quickly become old. You have to be careful to be realistic in love which for the most part is impossible. But still must be acheived.
Sometimes love is only felt one way. That can be the hardest when someone you love doesn't or can't love back. But you must never give up on love. It is out there.


The Wards said...

Mandilla Sue - Hooray for blogging. You are really good at it! I got your blog address from Heather's web site. Have you checked out ours?
We miss you! Lets chat soon...



Andrae said...

I LOVE your blog!!! Your are so thoughtful. I enjoyed reading everything. If I may add two cents to the thoughts on love.

You will never really know anyone because people are evolving. Love comes down to trust which is a VERY scary thing. Trust in the person and more importantly trust in the Lord. People will fail you, but the Lord never will, and he can help you "see" your way through any relationship.

I look forward to reading more from your blog!!! Happy Blogging!!!

cedar said...

oh chief. you nailed it. I always know I have it bad for someone when every stupid song on the radio makes me think about our relationship. it starts to get annoying when it makes you cry in the middle of Target.
I like what you said about selfishness. sometimes I think I'm too selfish to experience true love. other times I am willing (and ready) to try try again. so I do