Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mr. Fish

Once upon a time there was this Fish named Mr. Fish. He lived in a pond in the heart of St. Louis. He loved to be among his friends and feel the slithery warmth of their bodies. But he longed to see the world.

One day there was this human girl with purple cat eye glasses that looked at him for a long while. She smiled at him and he felt this burst of electricity. He new that she was the one to set him free. He asked her, "What is your name?" She looked at him turned white and fainted.

After a long while she came around and he asked again, "What is your name?" She looked at him in wonder and said, "You can talk? This is wonderful my name is Mandy." He was so happy that a human responded so well. This was the first time he had ever spoke to a human. He then asked, "can I go with you?" Mandy opened up her pocket and said, "hop on in."

1 comment:

Leah Florence said...

I want to meet Mr.Fish.