Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Decisions

I have a friend who is going through a messy divorce. Lawyers, kids the whole shebang. So much pain and stress. It makes me think back to my divorce a few years ago. I was so lucky to have it end so easily. The whole thing took only 2 weeks and cost under a $100.00. Easy divorce online made the process take less than an hour. Enough time has passed that mostly I don't even feel like I was ever married to a crazy Hungarian, rather like a had a bad dream.

Life has taught me that Marriage can be a gamble a lot of the time. You never know what life will be like with that person 20 years down the road. I know some people are happily married and I say good for them. I hope to find that someday. My question is how can you really know who a person is? People can pretend to be a caring compassionate person and turn out to be a creep. I guess one thing you can do is give it time. Don't rush into a marriage like you are in a race. Take time to know the person. Go on a trip. Do random things together. One big thing I always do is imagine what would it be like living with this person. I have to be careful though because when I do this I often get scared and end the relationship. You must somehow find the balance and make the right decision.

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