Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer and Caffeine Addict

Recently I have had to come to terms that I am addicted to 2 things currently in my life. 1 is uplifting the other is a problem.

First there is Summer my little sister. The more I have her in my life the more I NEED her. She has very strong powers. I don't think I am the only addict though. Others have fallen to:) So why the addiction? First and foremost she is hilarious!! Most times I am with her I pee my pants with glee. Any time you spend with her an adventure is sure to follow. She is so good and pure like a rainbow of delight. When I say good I mean you want to be a better person when you are around her. I love her. She really does have a gift. If you don't know my sister Summer then get to know her. It's not too late. Honestly Good times lie ahead to those who know her.
On the other hand Caffeine is my vice. My roomate challenged me to give up caffeine on Sunday. Since it is so bad for you. I lasted 1 day and a half. HEhehe!! So I say to the cosmos HELP!!! I don't like needing something to feel alive.

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cedar said...

Hello. My name is Erin. And I am addicted to Summer.