Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Oh I'm trying to love technology always and forever always and forever"

For my Mass media class I have to write on a blog once a week. I have been meaning to create a blog for awhile now so I'm glad to get a push to get on it. In the last few months I have embraced so much technology it's a miracle. I got a macbook, my first ipod (an ipod touch). I still have a lot to learn but that is A okay. Soon enough I will be a pro. The other night Aaron showed me how to use picture booth on the mac so we took a ton of pictures.
Life is good living in Orem. I just bought a condo only 1 mile away from my office. I have awesome roomates that help pay for my mortgage. I feel lucky to have found them. Diantha is a third grade school teacher. Melissa is a rock star!!! I guess you could say I'm on my way to being an adult. When do you really feel like an adult though? I'll be 30 this year and in so many ways I still feel like a kid. I don't know how people my age could have kids that are 11. Maybe you never feel ready until it happens? I'm sure having a supportive husband would help.
Anyhew I'm just rambling on. Till next week I hope it's a good one for everyone.

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cedar said...

always and forever!! I'm so proud of you, stretching your technological wings. I'll certainly be checking your blog for posts on narwals and information on the bridal veil falls landslide.