Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I just watched the movie Ghost Town.  It was pretty good.  Had the same feeling of, As good as it gets.  It made me think about one thing a lot.  You can spend your life thinking about yourself and being alone, or you can spend it helping and being with others.  Personally I have been the happiest in my life when I have been with others.  Sure being alone is nice every once in awhile. But who really is happy being alone?  If you think you are happy you're fooling yourself.  

I love people and the quirks and wonder of them.  The more people I can meet in my life the better off I am.  I feel lucky to be this way.  Also I have learned so much through those I have known.  They have helped shape me to be who I am today.  Even the hard relationships made me more understanding, appreciating and loving. 

A few years ago Erin and I were talking about all the people on this earth.  You only get to meet such a small amount of them.   Isn't that crazy to think about?  How many people on this earth will you never even meet.  We all go about our lives feeling like we are the most important and our worries and cares are the most important.

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