Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I do a lot of random things for work. I work full time at newly called UVU in the Testing Dept. My title is Testing Supervisor. Ring a Ding Ding. But what does that mean? Well I manage the student employees in the New Student Assessment Area, and the Proctor Exam Center, (I have met a lot of fun student employees through the years). I help in training, scheduling, discipline etc.

Another aspect of my job is I administer tests such as the GED, ACT-R, Police Officers Selection test, CAAP, remote compass testing, and a bunch of other tests. There is a whole world out there of tests I bet you didn't know about:) Exciting? Well I'll let you be the judge. I also order supplies for the office, count money, do billing.

Job number two consists of National Testing. ACT, SAT, Praxis, LSAT, ASE, MPRE to name a few. A couple times a month I adminster these delightful tests.

Last but not least I work at Quisnos. I pretty much decided to work there because the food is yummetron and you get a 50% discount when you work there. Also I wanted to fill up otherwise lonely nights. I work there a few nights a week with teenagers, pregnant unwed gals, druggies what have you. It was fun while it lasted. But I recently turned in my 2 week. 70 Hour work weeks occasionally!! Enough is enough. Plus recently my social calendar has been climbing. Wahoo!!!

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millie's mother said...

yeah for quitting a job a quiznos even though the food is good. i would like to be on the social calendar soon. what do you think?