Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things I love

- Learning a new song on the guitar
- Slumber parties with my Summer
- The sound a mac makes when it empties the trash
- Chocolate
- How carts move in the IKEA shopping area
- Newly dyed hair
- Sleeping in newly clean sheets
- Shopping
- New love
- Porch guitar with Erin
- Road Trips
- Plastic Animals
- Capturing someone perfectly in a pic
- Crazy Loud Cousins 
- Clearing my desk off at work
- Going for a walk in cool weather
- Flowers
- Laughing till I pee my pants with friends
- Steven at Albertsons
- My family
- Taking a bubble bath


cedar said...

I love the sound taking trash out on a mac makes too!!!! we were made for each other my dear poop.

Summer Florence said...

mmm. i miss it. stephen. slumber parties. you.